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The world's most powerful inspection checklist app is now used 25,000 times a day in over 50 countries.

Cut inspection times in half

"For any company looking to streamline their procedures, and become more efficient, iAuditor made all the difference.”

Stuart Biesel

Create Checklist Templates

Create and edit your forms with drag and drop simplicity. Build logic into your forms with smart and dynamic fields.

iAuditor - Template Editor

Image Annotation & Rich Reports

Take photos and easily add arrows, diagrams and drawings to clearly spell out your findings. When you’re done, your inspection is seamlessly formatted into a report complete with photographs and signatures.

iAuditor - Annotate Description
iAuditor - Annotate Description

Export Reports in Your Choice of Format

PDF, CSV, MS Word, XML, JSON, or all at once. At the touch of a button. Advanced exporting features are unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase.

Export Types - DOCX, CSV, XML, PDF, JSON

iAuditor Features

  • Drag and drop editing interface
  • Branching and nesting of sub-categories
  • Multiple sections within an audit
  • Tick boxes
  • Administrator controls to lock down cloud uploading
  • Custom heading fields and email subject lines
  • Default email address can be setup for all audits
  • Mandatory Questions
  • Time stamps and date stamps for sections
  • Media gallery
  • Export profiles
  • Asset fields for regularly inspected items or equipment
  • Multiple export formats
  • Signature fields
  • Scoring
  • Weighting
  • Dynamic smart fields
  • Up to five customised default options
  • Custom document numbering for each device
  • SafetyCulture integration
  • Customisable audit forms
  • Rich reports
  • Image annotation and mark-up
  • GPS Location
  • Shared template library
  • Follow-up actions and scheduling
  • Inspection Template sharing

Shared Template Library

With over 50,000 shared audit templates in the Public Library, you have the world’s largest repository of safety inspection checklists at your fingertips, within the app for free. Of course, your sensitive information is protected and sharing of templates is optional.

iAuditor is free!

That’s right, iAuditor is free to download and use as is.

"The Best App I have ever downloaded. This app saves a heap of time on site and then when I am at home, the task is already done; no more sitting at the computer writing out reports.”

Donald Kempf

Tutorial Videos

1. Introduction to iAuditor
iAuditor can be used for inspections, checklists and audits. Your imagination is the limit. - 1:39
2. Template Editor
Drag and drop functionality and a variety of different fields means creating a new inspection template is fun and simple. - 3:08
3. Conducting an Audit
Once we have built a template we can look at conducting an audit, finalising with a professional looking report. - 3:00
4. Exporting an Audit
Exporting your completed audit report in various formats to your relevant parties is a simple process. - 2:39
5. Export Profiles
Assign default export settings across your company, so you never have different looking audits again. - 2:42
6. Header Fields
Customise the fields that come native in the information section. These include document number, audit title, date/time, and more. - 2:09
7. Public Library
Did you know there is a powerful feature within iAuditor which allows user to collaborate and share with one another? - 2:12
8. Dynamic Fields
Dynamic fields allows our templates to be free flowing rather than static. This will allow your audit to be different every time you complete it. - 2:30
9. Smart Fields
With smart fields, we can make our audit process streamlined and even better by using logic. - 6:11
10. Customise Reports
iAuditor can make your finished report look great with many customisable options, including your logo and business colours.- 2:21
11. Work in Teams
Did you know that if you work in a team, and need to easily share your templates and audits with others, there's an easier way? - 1:31

Cloud Integration

iAuditor is free to use as is. However, if you sign in with your SafetyCulture account, you’ll also enjoy constant back-up, management and syncing of all devices in your own private, secure cloud environment. Learn More

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SafetyCulture is $5 per user / per month

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